The second MINIMUS sleepover, the Minidorm took place from Saturday July 14th – 15 th 2007.

Where was it?

Bilton Grange Prep School in Warwickshire, to the west of Birmingham, is set in a magnificent estate with plenty of room for children to play and great facilities for a weekend stay.

What did we do?

Made Mosaics Performed a Roman play Watched a Roman legionary display.
Attended a Roman banquet in Roman costume Learned some Greek Made Medusa Masks
Made Army helmets Learned Latin with Minimus

Explored the website and made a magazine

Joined the Army and learned how to drill Had a midnight feast Had fun!

Who was running the sessions?

Barbara Bell, the author of Minimus and Minimus 2, and her illustrator, Helen Forte, as well as a team of highly experienced and enthusiastic teachers.

Who attended?

Thirty four children from all over England, within the 9-12 age range.

What was it like?


Tim Wheeler
Bilton Grange
CV22 6QU