The first Minidorm weekend was held in Wells, Somerset, on July 16th and 17th. 25 children, most of them 10 and 11 years old, stayed in the Cathedral school and tried out a whole range of Minimus activities. The weekend was co-ordinated by Tim Wheeler, and proved a huge success (see the children's comments!)
One small Minidormer, kept awake by late-night fireworks from some grand wedding in Wells, decided that the town was celebrating the first Minidorm!

It was absolutely brilliant! When else could you stay overnight in a lovely city, doing so many different activities, like drama, clay tablets,making salt dough models, singing in Latin, using the computer, cooking Roman food, chatting to some Roman soldiers and even trying a Roman banquet? It was fantastic,as we can't do a lot of this at school and it was also nice meeting some new friends and having fun with them. I hope we will have another 'Minidorm' very soon!

Minidorm was really fun, exciting and cool. You get to sleep in dorms with your mates, you also get to sleep in bunk beds.
There were plenty of fun activities to do, like drama and singing lots of Latin songs.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Wells Cathedral School. I got to meet Barbara Bell (writer of the Minimus books) and the illustrator Helen Forte.

The Minidorm was great fun! we did lots of activities like mosaic making, clay tablets and a mousetrap edition! I hope there is another Minidorm.
Everyone wants to go to the camp of the year. Children learn Latin and have fun at the same time. Well done Mrs Bell for thinking it up!
The first Minidorm included making Roman food, computers, learning Latin and much more. All Roman-based and such fun. Hopefully we'll have another one!
The food was great. At the Roman banquet we had honey roasted ham, cucumber dips and fruit salads. Yum!
It's great for anyone new to Latin!