2004's MINIMUS DAY was held in York, at the Yorkshire Museum, on June 12th.

Following the very successful day at the British Museum in 2003 there was a special day devoted to Minimus at the Yorkshire Museum. Children from a range of local schools, both independent and primary, turned up to enjoy various Roman activities. One primary school group got into the spirit of the occasion with a huge banner, Roman helmets on all the pupils and Minimus biscuits at the end!

Barbara Bell introduced the course to the children, and Jeremy Paterson gave a talk entitled "A Mouse may look at a King - meeting the Roman Emperor. Helen Forte, illustrator of the Minimus books, demonstrated the web site, a Minimus video and other computer-based activities. Quizzes were organised in the Roman Gallery of the Museum. Legio Secunda and Regina demonstrated Roman armour, costumes, make-up, hairstyles etc. Children also had a chance to purchase items from the Minimus Et-Cetera range, including the new T-shirts.

1: The Museum's own Roman legionary sharing his shield with a small recruit.

2: Gingerbread Minimus!

3: Trying on the Vibrissa suit.

4: Helen Forte with an enterprising student who has made her own Minimus T-shirt.

5: Legion II let children try on Roman armour.

6: Lucius Duccius Rufinus, whose tombstone this is, features in Minimus Secundus.

7: Barbara Bell with Joan Gibson, the organiser or the event.

8: Nick Bell and the Minimus Et Cetera shop.

9: Studying the exhibits.

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10: Joan Gibson, Jeremy Paterson and Lindsey Allason-Jones

11: Four more quiz contestants.

12: In front of the Yorkshire Museum.

13: Demonstrating legionary and auxiliary shields.

14: One of the quiz teams in the Roman Gallery.

15: Regina setting out her artefacts and reconstructions.