LEVEL TWO – Marriage of Peleus and Thisbe

The Marriage of Peleus and Thetis.
As a bitter, glacial wind swept across the open fields, the long thick grass whipped in the cold air, while the moans and groans of the wind echoed around the outskirts of Mount Pelion, a young man sat on the gravel path. It was sundown, yet the man just sat there, like a rock by a shop window. The orange sun faded darker and the young man lost himself in deep thought. A tear of sorrow hung by his cheek, then dropped to the ground. His mind worked hard. Night was falling. Orange, then amethyst, followed by dark purple, then, obsidian.
Running his hands through his hair, he sighed. The man was sighing deeply but lit up at the sound of hooves. His visitor wasn’t on horseback, it was Chiron, half man; half horse. His glossy coat swayed in the night sky as his eyes sympathetically gazed down at his favourite student, Peleus.
“I do not know what to do,” Peleus sobbed, “I love a lady but the lady does not love me. She is beautiful, the most wonderful lady of all. She is goddess of the sea, Thetis, her name. Thetis is sophisticated and graceful. But she will not marry me!” Peleus stood gazing an expecting stare at Chiron. The centaur shook his head before replying, “It will not be easy. Thetis is beautiful but also very stubborn and determined. You may never be able to change her mind,” he responded in a knowing way. Peleus` heart sank, “Then I will live in eternal sorrow,” he groaned, “Please help me, I will be forever grateful.”
“Leave it with me. I will solve your problem,” Chiron replied.

Foot of Mount Pelion                     
801 BC
Dear Peleus,
I am writing to you about ways to captivate and persuade your true love. As I am the wisest and most knowledgeable of all Centaurs, I am the in the best place to give one such good guidance. There is no doubt that if carried out carefully, will provide the hand and heart of your dearest Thetis.
Firstly, and most importantly, the way to a woman’s heart (or a goddesses in this case) is to declare your noble intentions eloquently; using romantic poems too proclaim your love for her before you propose marriage.
In addition to this, gifts and flowers will surely soften Thetis` heart. Thoughtful and well-considered gifts will communicate that you are considering the needs of her. If you offer Thetis small, thoughtful gifts, you will melt her heart.
Finally, knowing Thetis as I do, to gain her heart you will need to show a display of strength and willpower. As a goddess, she is strong and powerful so you must show her as an equal and you will win her over. The decision is yours and I believe you will do the right thing.
Best wishes
The wisest of all Centaurs.

A few days later, after the sun had risen, a confident man stood on top of Mount Pelion. He was ready to fight for his love, to prove to the sea-nymph that he was worthy of being her husband. Peleus felt great. Energetically, he walked down to the ocean. The ocean was still, silent, like a layer of glass lay on top of the ocean. Peleus felt a calming warmth around him. This calm took control of him as he put down his gifts. He lay down the precious jewels he had found the day before. They glistened in the sunlight. Next, he put down jars of fresh honey he had bought in the market that sunrise.
A line of dark blue marked the curve of the horizon. A small speck appeared on the horizon. It got larger and larger until he saw a figure riding on a dolphin. The figure stepped of the dolphin onto the warm sand. It was Thetis; Peleus` heart sung with joy.
Thetis stared at the man. Disgust was in her eyes. She looked down at the gifts. Jewels? A sea nymph could swim down to the ocean and find a pearl ten times bigger than that. Her eyes widened.  Honey? Why honey? She was from the sea! She wasn`t interested in jewels and honey. Disgust filled Thetis from head to toe. “If you want me to marry you, then you have to do better than that!” Thetis taunted.
Peleus laughed. He was a strong, young, great warrior. This wasn`t a challenge. Peleus put his hands around her waist. Suddenly, his hands burned, a horrible feeling shot up his spine. His hands bled and felt numb. She had turned fire. Next, his hands shook. The icy feeling made him frostbitten. Thetis had changed to ice. Pain gushed through Peleus` body.
Snap! A piranha bit Peleus. His finger dripped with blood. Snap! A bite to the forearm, “Ow!” Peleus exclaimed. Thetis wouldn`t stop until the man let go. Slipping around his body was a thick tail covered in scales. A serpent! How would Peleus survive serpent? Its fangs lunged towards him, inches away from his body. Another fang slashed down at him. Yet somehow, he still held on. A claw dug into Peleus` back- a wolf was attacking him now. The wolf leaped at him, causing him to lose grip of the floor. Through all the pain that Thetis had caused, Peleus still had strong feelings about her. Peleus stood up and trudged home miserably.

801 BC
Dear Diary,
Why won`t she marry me? I mean, a beautiful woman doesn’t want to marry me? There has to be something wrong with me. It’s been eternity since I first laid my eyes on Thetis. I’ve tried countless times to win over my true love but she carries on rejecting me. Oh diary, what should I do now? I can’t stand any more rejection. My heart yearns for her, but I feel that I might have to give up on my only dream, marrying my one and only true love.
Chiron`s advice may have helped many heroes I the past, but it has not worked for me. His help was unneeded- I should have never asked for it! Knowing that I need to be strong with constant refusal, I will try my hardest to act like a man
 Even though it is very hard and embarrassing. Tomorrow will be my last attempt to win over my true love- otherwise my heart will be forever broken.
Look, I’ll tell you all about it when I return. See you soon, bye.

Excited, scared, worried, Peleus made his way into Thetis` cave. He had rope in his hands to tie Thetis up. She was asleep on a huge rock surrounded by shallow water. Peleus crept up behind Thetis and wrapped the rope around her arms and legs. Soon, she awoke. She immediately realised she couldn’t fight or shape shift. She would split in two. “You have won me over,” she agreed, “I will marry a man as brave as you.”
“It is all I want.” Replied a joyful Peleus while untied Thetis. His heart sang with joy.

801 BC
Dear Diary,
She finally agreed to be my wife! Me… a mere mortal marrying a sea nymph! I knew I shouldn’t have doubted Chiron’s advice. After all, I knew it all along! I mean, who could resist me? Isn’t that right, diary?
Thetis is very important to me so I must show that though the wedding. It needs to be in a place public, where everyone goes. I know, it should be on Mount Pelion with all the Gods over watching us. That means I can show them how much I love my dearest Thetis. I am really excited for the wedding. It’s gonna be brilliant and the best in the World. Got to go diary got to plan my wedding.

Thetis and Peleus we married on Mount Pelion. Gods and goddesses gathered in the bluest, cloudless sky. Peleus knew he could never feel better. 
By Nehemiah

Peleus and Thetis

Ink drawing by Camille

The Marriage of Peleus and Thetis

Peleus the brave Greek, taught many heroes on the hillside,
He fell in love with a goddess called Thetis and Cheira advised Peleus on how to win his bride.

On the seashore Peleus crouched down,
He watched the lovely sea shore, whilst skimming over the wave on a dolphins back,
Thetis arrived with a frown.

She entered a cave to sleep through the day,
A bed for the night and somewhere to stay,
Peleus seized her in his arms as she changed from shape to shape,
Then Thetis made her best escape.

She turned into fire then into water then into a lion and last a cuttlefish,
Peleus would not let go and as a reward he got his wish.

Thetis consented to marry him on Mount Pelion,
Where the gods and goddesses watched on.
By Tegan

Diary by Alicia

The Marriage of Peleus and Thetis
In the courtyard garden, the walls were covered in wisterias and stupendous roses. Flower beds and sweet-green grass settled on the Florissant pathway. Passing through the paradise, tiny chubby birds made quiet twittering noises white waving their fluffy wings. In the middle of the gardens, sat an attractive brawny blonde-haired man who wept on a wooden bench with gold memorial writing on the front. It looked like he was mourning for a tragic death but this was not the case. Raising his head up, salty tears flooded down his checks creating his face to be slightly damp.
Stopping the sweet chirps of sparrows and the soothing silence, load trotting noises shook the ground like an earthquake. BASH BASH, CLUMP CLUMP! Here arrived a centaur (half man half horse) looking awfully sorry for the young sole who sat alone in tears.
“Peleus! What is the reason for your weeping?” the centaur shrieked in wonder, “For this isn’t acceptable!”
Peleus snivelled in reply, “Oh Cheiron! It is deer Thetis, for her beauty and power astonishes me for I am in love… But she does not feel the same!” He sobbed again.
Cheiron the centaur thought very carefully, for his wisdom and knowledge was phenomenal! Also, Peleus was his favourite student out of many children he had raised so he didn’t want to melt the poor boy’s heart. Stroking his hairy chin, Cheiron answered, “My wisdom was never good at true love; I will have answers in a few days! I won’t let you down!”
Dear Peleus,
I have several ways for you to impress your beautiful crush- Thetis. I hope this letter will bring you in true happiness and health with your ongoing future. I’m sure (with my knowledge) the dear sea-nymph will fall for you.
Firstly, Goddesses love wealth and expensive ornaments, make sure you have a gift that she would enjoy gratefully. To be precise, maybe some form of an expensive treat and something ‘as gorgeous as her.’
Secondly, at least try to persuade her that you are her handsome match. Say all the possibilities you can afford if she takes your hand in marriage. Show you’re a gentleman by putting her first no matter what. Also, show all the equalities and values have so she will trust you.
Finally, find the heaviest thing your find and lift it up like it’s a feather… Remember your training. Goddesses especially love muscular husbands to show they will be protected from intruders. Good luck Peleus.
Yours sincerely,
The wisest of all centaurs.
Reading this, Peleus felt confidence grow in his depressed heart and he was ready to talk to the sea-nymph. He twirled! He leaped! He danced with joy! 
Like nothing could get in his way, he skipped to the Mediterranean’s beach neighbouring Mount Pelion. This was where Thetis lurked and slumbered every night. The beefy man sat best-to-impress on the smooth silky sand. SPLISH SPASH! Moving gracefully through the foamy ocean, a stunning sea-horse swirled to the sand. Peleus turned red; an elegant woman hopped off the mythical creature and her incredible glistening eyes met his. She thought his face was familiar. However, no interest grew to her so she softly tip-toed to the mountain’s cave to rest.
Peleus immediately stopped her, his embarrassment grew unwearyingly high as a single sweat droplet shimmied down his fore-head.
“My fairest lady, how spectacular you look! Thank you for your presence!” He bellowed, offering her an expensive bouquet of flowers and rich chocolate truffles in heart shapes, “Are my gifts worthy for your priceless love?”
She rolled her amethyst eyes and sighed a ghastly sigh, “Oh Peleus! I feel I need no man to comfort my safety and wealth! I’ve been brought up independently spreading love in my heart… But never to you. I come from the depths of an ocean not a garden! These flowers will die in my habitat. I don’t eat sweet things I EAT FISH! Why is this here? Sorry, if you want my hand, you at least need to know my likes and dislikes.”
Howling deeply, Peleus’ hear split in two. He landed on his knees and grabbed her damp waist. She tried to go to the mountain to rest but he wouldn’t free her! Pulling, tugging, screaming, shrieking, the only way out was using her special power…
After a while of pulling and tugging, the sea goddess shape-shifted into: a blue fierce tiger who scratched his face arms leaving him wounded; a hissing serpent who squirted venom into anywhere it could reach; a rock-solid cuttlefish piercing his delicate skin; scolding flames that burnt his hands; and freezing icicles that gave him frostbite. Overall, even though he was going through agony, the hero kept a hold.
Dear diary,
What is holding her back? I thought I was a mesmerizingly handsome man who any woman could adore? Please diary! Give me one reason why she doesn’t want me! I’ve given her everything Cheiron said she wanted: gifts, true feelings and complements and showing my masculinity. She’s put me through physical and emotional pain but still can’t see I’m needy for her love!
Why did I listen to Cheiron? He was the one who made it even more embarrassing and awkward between me and Thetis. She probably thinks I’m an ugly, worthless, disastrous, awful and silly man who is not worth an outstanding goddess! What am I doing? It’s no use. No one will ever love a coward like me! Cheiron probably commands me these adventures just so I’m of his back! Goodbye diary if this is the end! Thetis may kill me now I made her fuming!
After all the hard work, the sea-nymph passed out. She woke up to a tugging of her wrists and ankles, eyes opened and Peleus was in front of her smiling. Her weary eyes flickered in different directions and saw she was sat up on a chair tied with chunky rope.
Pulling and fidgeting, Thetis sighed, “I can’t get out of this now… If I shape-shifted, I’d crucially split into two like a fish chopped up! I have no choice Peleus. However, seeing your determination today was fantastic and impressive! I have improved of your invite of marriage!”
The exited warrior sung with joy and exclaimed, “Oh my deer Thetis! The most stunning, flawless bride-to-be is mine! Thank you! Our wedding will be the best you’ve ever seen, JUST FOR YOU! You may now be untied.” And she was let free.
Dear diary,
I knew she would love me in the end. We will be the happiest and the best ever couple! Why did I doubt my best friend Cheiron? He was the person who raised me and taught me how to be so handsome and strong since I was young and little. Most importantly, why did I doubt myself? All girls should love this hero… Right diary?
Our wedding should be on Mount Pelion for all gods and goddesses to see! Wow this wedding is gunna’ be the greatest!
Got to go diary, got a whole new life and a wedding to plan!
On and navy-coloured evening, while the birds were tweeting happily, all gods and goddesses crowded the mountain. A beautiful sea-nymph dressed in a blue wedding dress gracefully sashayed down a seashell-filled isle. The couple got married and Peleus never was so disheartened again!               
By Clara



















Collage by Alexandra

         In the cool summer breeze in the courtyard full of fruit, a young Grecian hero sat slumped against a stone wall; head in his hands. This hero’s name was Peleus! His eyes absentmindedly following the soft glowing sun into its warm seabed. When the day turned to night, and the sun sank, and little firefly like stars appeared in the pitch black sky, the young troubled man stayed, lost in his thoughts, drenched in his own misery.   
         With is eyes full of sorrow, and his heart aching, he did not look up when he heard hooves fast approaching, for he undoubtedly knew it was Cherion- half-man, half centaur with long flowing hair and polished hooves which he took such pride in. After a minute had passed in silence, Peleus decided to look up and his eyes shimmered with tears. Looking down in pity, Cherion met Perseus’ eyes and he could see the hurt and disappointment which almost engulfed them, after all Peleus was his favourite student!
         “Teacher, I do not know what to do, I have found the love of my life and intend to spend the rest of my days with her however she does not share the same dreams and is very stubborn, SHE WILL NOT MARRY ME,” Peleus choked back his tears,” She is an: elegant, mysterious, sophisticated and opulent woman- or goddess in my case-who dresses in nothing but blue, Oh Cherion you are the wisest of all the centaurs, you must be able to help me!” Peleus could see Cherion had no answer (most unlike him) and he shifted back uneasily.
         “It will be close to impossible if not impossible. I know Thetis very well and once she has made up her mind it is difficult to persuade her otherwise,” Cherion said almost as if he was talking to himself,” You are right, I am known far and wide for my knowledge and wisdom but this has honestly baffled me!” He was devastated when Peleus’ eyes glistened with tears of sadness.
         “There must be something I can do to help Peleus. Peleus in a few weeks a letter will arrive with words of advice I promise “he muttered and with that he galloped of into the sunset leaving an even more heartbroken Peleus alone even more.
Just as Cherion had promised, a letter arrived and here is what it read…

Ft. Of Mount Pelion
Many years ago BC
Wednesday 20th March 1259 
Dear Peleus,
After a lot of thought and consideration, I have come up with numerous ways to captivate your beloved Thetis, which, if done correctly, will prove successful in many ways.
Firstly, and by far most importantly, a way to a Goddess’ heart is to declare your noble and undying love for her, using forms of poetic yet romantic words to persuade her into marrying you.
Another way which has proved mostly successful, is to shower her with lavish and expensive gifts showing how much you can care and provide for her. With the gift of prophecy and a sea-nymph, Thetis can have anything she desires her heart desires so by offering her meaningful yet simple gifts you are sure to win her heart.
As my final point, I know Thetis very well and would strongly recommend presenting her with a display of your muscularity and skills. That is sure to persuade her!
My final point of advice is not about Thetis it’s for you, I know you think Thetis is the one and only for you but my boy, you are young and if Thetis does not see you for who you are then she is not worthy of you!
Best of luck.
Yours sincerely,
Wisest of ALL centaurs

After reading through the letter of advice so many times, Peleus came to a decision: he was going to win the love of his life. When the clock struck midnight, stealthily Peleus set off, walking down the snow-engulfed mountains and wondered onto the soft golden beach.
Knowing that he would need something to carry his precious gifts in, he decided to bring a leather bag and in it he packed: tiny gems studded with glistening diamonds:  honey so sweet that it made toffee seem like its tasteless: and the finest azure silk in all the lands.
After a while, he spotted the fair maiden asleep on a rock and immediately hid in a nearby cave which was dark damp and cold. Trying to get her attention, he picked up a polished rock and threw it into the sea. Her eyelids popped open. Analysing the open sea, she swam elegantly but just as fast as an Olympic swimmer, all the way to the golden shore.

Seizing the opportunity, he leapt out onto the sand.
“It is I, your loving noble war-hero come to announce my dear love for you!” he declared thrusting his arms open.
“HAHAH OH MY GOODNESS HAHAHHAH,” she laughed nearly falling over,” I’m the goddess of the sea do you honestly think I care about your lousy gifts? If you want me come get me!”
He chuckled to himself- I am a hero of many battles, I can catch her any day of the week.
“Okay then prepare to be caught.” and with that he grabbed her around the waist. But suddenly, he was no longer holding a beautiful woman, he was an angry seagull, which batted its wings angrily, she pecked at his face relentlessly, drawing blood.
As he screamed out in agony, she changed into a hissing python inches away from his neck. He continued to keep hold, as he slipped through his hands and turned electric eel wrapping herself around him. He screamed out pleading for mercy; his wish was granted.
“You may have held on and that is respectable as many wouldn’t, oneself wouldn’t have if I wasn’t a sea goddess. However that still does not mean you can marry me good riddance!” With that she was gone.

Dear Diary,
I don’t know what to do. Is there something wrong with me? Do I smell or something? I am a war hero many woman would want me! Regardless of that, nothing seems to woo this fair lady. I have done everything in my power: shown my muscularity, given her gifts and said poetic words to her. I am beginning to lose hope and courage. Maybe after this I should just give up and find someone else like Cherion suggested. After all, I am only plain old mortal me!
A very unhappy,

Carefully, slowly, nervously, Peleus crept across the burning sand, which was home to Thetis. Armed with a rope, he spied Thetis asleep (like he had originally found her) with nothing but a few dolphins guarding her. Wading through the waves, he came through the rock, where Thetis lay, asleep, and then as he approached closer, the dolphins left, swimming away into the sunset, leaving her and Peleus alone. He tied her hands and ankles together and immediately she awoke. 
Knowing that he had outsmarted her, she did not attempt to shape shift- knowing it would split her clean in half if she even attempted to.
“You have finally outsmarted me and I respect you for your courage and muscularity therefore I shall agree to marry you” she beamed. Jumping up and down in happiness, he untied her and rubbed the cuts and sores.

Dear diary, the lady of my dreams has agreed to marry me! After a lot of heartache and sorrow, I have won her over using my cunning plan. We are due to be wed TODAY: on Mount Peleus where all the Gods and Goddess’ can revel over me and most importantly….my bride-to-be.
This wedding is gonna be the biggest most bestest most marvellous wedding that there was ever was to show how deep my love for my bride to be really is.

When the sun shone, and the birds sang, and the sky was cloudless, Peleus and Thetis and all the Gods and Goddess’ celebrated their future together and Peleus knew he could never be happier. 
By Amelie

Painting by Rosie