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The annual mythology competition continues to flourish with entries from 22 different schools this year, including one from the USA and two from Australia.  It was good to see more entries at Level 2 and more Drama DVDs.  The judges were very impressed with the quality and creativity demonstrated in most of the entries.

Art: There was a great array of entries this year, from Lego models to cakes!  The marking was done based on the children’s ages to make it as fair as possible. The highest marks were reserved for originality, effort and attention to detail.  The two top entries were an installation of Persephone’s year and a beautiful painting of Hades kidnapping Persephone.

Creative Writing:All of the entries this year were of a high standard. It was wonderful to see such varied responses to the task set and to read so many different versions of the myths: adverts, scripts, poems, comic strips and some stories with links to the modern world.

Drama: It was good to see more entries this year.  The quality of both the acting (well done to those pupils had memorised their lines!) and the filming was impressive.  Extra credit was given for the use of music, sub-titles and handmade props. The teamwork involved across the age groups continues to be a welcome feature.  New this year was an animation using fantastic modelling of figures and scenery in lego figures.
Well done to everyone who entered and special congratulations to the prize-winners!

It’s always good to hear back from the schools how thrilled they are when the prizes arrive.

Wonderful news!  I know that we shall have three very delighted children today!
I was delighted to receive your letter today giving us the wonderful news that our pupils had been awarded a Special Art Prize and an Individual Art Prize. I am very much looking forward to telling the girls in the morning!

…, this is wonderful news! My students will be so pleased. Thank you very much for this running this fantastic competition, it's a wonderful and exciting opportunity for Latin students!

 And this is an extract from part of an article in the ‘Eastern Daily Press’:
Mrs Price who teaches Latin at the school, said: “I am so proud of everyone that entered the competition and the high standard of entries this year. “The children absolutely love learning Latin and it is great to see that their enthusiasm has flowed in their entries and the judges have recognised this. Well done, I can’t wait to see what they’ll produce next year!”

Grateful thanks go again to our two main judges and to The Jowett Trust for generously financing the book token prizes again this year.

Why not start planning for 2018’s competition as we think ahead to the next academic year?

The subjects will be Pyramus and Thisbe (Minimus p69) for Level One and The Marriage of Peleus and Thetis (Minimus Secundus p90) for Level Two. 

Further details from the Organiser, Linda Soames: email lindasoames@home.3b.co.uk