It was another very successful year for the annual mythology competition.  We had  entries from 21 different schools this year, including one from the USA, one from Australia and one home-schooler from the States.  It was good to see more entries at Level 2 and more Drama entries again this year.  The judges were delighted at the exceptionally high standard of the entries across the board this year.  The creative writing work was especially pleasing and the new animation category proved popular.  
General Comments and Feedback from the Judges
Art: Once again I have been amazed by the wide range of styles of entries this year, including 3D models, paintings and simple pencil drawings. The entries have been assessed taking age into account and therefore differing abilities. Many different materials were used and every entry made a good attempt to portray the myths, some even having a go at modernising them! Special mention should go to Heath Mount and Chicago Grammar for a high standard of entries this year.
Creative Writing: All entries this year have been a pleasure to judge. There has been some range in genres with storyboards, diary entries, newspapers, playscripts and lots of poetry! It is always fascinating to see a myth interpreted in different ways and from different points of view. Higher marks have gone to pieces interpreted in an imaginative way (viewpoint, genre, chosen vocabulary) and also showing technical accuracy (sentence structure and punctuation). Every entrant should feel proud of their creativity and the quality of their work. I can only thank them for the pleasure of reading them.
Animation: I am so pleased we decided to include a category for Animations this year as there has been such a good response to the new category.  The children have clearly enjoyed the challenge of creating their short videos.  As well as show-casing their artwork and modelling skills, many of the pupils used music, sound effects, speech bubbles, and voiceovers or subtitles to add interest and wit to their entries. Well done all of you!
Drama: the quality of the performances was generally high this year and it was good to receive more entries than in recent years.  The roles of Midas (and Queen Midas in several cases!) were performed with confidence and enthusiasm, and there were some lively depictions of other characters such as Midas’ daughter, the drunken satyr Silenus, Pan, Apollo and the judge of the singing contest.  The story was well-researched and some plays included a number of extra elements such as the music competition and the donkey’s ears.  Some pupils had worked hard to memorise their lines, others improvised. 
The standard of the Latin in the scripts was mainly very good and the children involved generally pronounced the words accurately and audibly. All the plays were clear about the moral of the story. Using music, costumes, props and sound effects added to the dramatic quality of many entries.  There was also some very beautiful singing in two of the plays and a rap (in Level 2) which was great fun. The teamwork involved between the children (and across the age groups in some entries) helps make the collaborations even more enjoyable.  Well done and thank you to everyone who entered, wrote and filmed their plays. 
It’s always good to hear the reactions from the schools when the prizes arrive.
‘I was so thrilled when my teacher announced that I’d won 3rd prize.  I enjoyed writing my retelling of the myth and learning more about King Midas. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity. I am looking forward to entering the competition next year.’
‘Thank you so much for organising the Minimus Latin Mythology Competion! I thoroughly enjoyed participating and being able to retell the story of King Midas in my own way. I also liked the different categories so anyone can enter, no matter their skill sets.’
‘I had great fun in researching the stories of King Midas. King Midas is a tool used to teach us about the dangers of being greedy. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity for me to explore more in Greek mythology.’
‘The results have arrived! Thank you very much. We will let our children know next week as our Y6s are at camp this week; they'll be chuffed.  Thanks for taking the time to write to each child too - that will be special for them.’ 
Grateful thanks go again to our two main judges and to The Jowett Trust for generously financing the book token prizes again this year.
It has been a joy to have been involved in running the Mythology Competition for the past four years, but it is now time to hand over the task to a new organiser for 2020.  My thanks to everyone who has worked with me during this time, and especially to all the children and their teachers whose imaginations and creativity have given us such enjoyment each and every year.
Linda (Soames)
Why not start planning for the 2020 competition as we think ahead to the next academic year? The subjects will be Daedalus and Icarus for Level One and Herakles and the Hydra for Level Two. See the Primary Latin project website for details

The Mythology Competition has moved! Go to the Primary Latin Project website for the latest information and application forms. We'll keep the older results and archived work on the Minimus site