King Midas and the Touch of Gold by Noah - click here for PDF

The Story of King Midas            by Philippa

Once upon a time, there lived a king called Midas. Now, Midas is quite different to any other king because he always wanted more and more, even though he was very wealthy indeed.
One fine evening, Midas decided to go for a stroll in his larger than large, exquisite garden. On this walk he came across the extraordinary of creatures: a satyr. This are half man, half goat. However Midas didn’t     know that it was Dionysus – The god of wine, vegetation, pleasure and  festivities – in disguise.  “Kind sir, please let me stay with you for seven days and I will reward you.” He asked, desperation in his dry voice.
“Hmmm,” Midas thought “I will let you stay with me for seven days and on the evening of the sixth night, you shall reward me” He concluded.
“Thank you, kind sir thank you so very much” Said the satyr.
Over time, they grew very close to one another and shared many meals and laughs together. On the evening of the sixth day, they went out to the garden and there, Midas chose his wish. “Umm erm well, I choose gold. I want everything I touch to turn to shining gold.”  Demanded Midas.
“Really? You want everything you touch to turn to gold? Well, no matter, but I’m sure you will regret this.” Advised the satyr.
“I wish for gold. It is my wish therefore I know what I want, and I know     I want gold so give it to me this instant!” Snapped Midas.
“Fine, fine. You may have the gold as you have shown me great respect. By the power invested in me, I now give you the one wish of transforming the ordinary to gold.” He said, and within the blink of an eye, the satyr   had disappeared.
The next day, Midas woke up feeling a surge of power rushing through  his veins because he now had his wish granted! Quickly, he rushed down
his beautiful staircase, brushing his hand against the wall and immediately they turned to shining gold. Next, he went to sweep his hands against a patch of grass – It looked magical! – and turned to the shining gold metal. “What fun!” Cried the king. At noon, he went he     went for a bite from one of the seventy-two apple trees and almost broke his teeth in doing so. “Oh no! I forgot about the gold touch.” He said, rubbing his front teeth.
The day went from a bright blue sky to a deep sunset as Midas trotted miserably to his palace of gold. He went up to his bedroom for a nap     and flung his arms on the king-sized mattress. What Midas had forgotten, yet again, was that the bed had turned to shining gold metal. “Ouch. I wonder why my bed feels like this. Oh no. Not again. I keep forgetting about my hands.” Said Midas and slumped sadly into the dent he’d made in his bed.
The next day, Midas limited himself from doing a lot of things: eating, drinking and touching. “Why do you look so sad, father?” asked Amina      - His daughter – and at that, she immediately swung her arms round Midas. He had had been a fool not to realised that she had turned to    gold. Midas stood there in horror and started shouting out to the gods   for mercy “Please! Help me! Rid me of this tragedy!” At an instant, the same satyr appeared and told Midas, “You have faced the consequences  of your actions and have asked for mercy” Said the satyr. Go and wash yourself in the River Pactolus and your curse shall be rid.” Ordered the satyr.
At once, Midas trekked through his field to find the river and when he  did, he lathered himself in the water. He stepped out and touched the nearest tree and instead of it turning golden, it remained its uneven brown trunk. “Yes! I am free of the curse!” Cried Midas and ran home happily to his palace.
There was one moral in the story: Always be careful of what you wish  for.  You never know what might happen. 

Midas by Joseph

Midas was a leader,
Known for being somewhat eager,
But he was remembered for rather more,
Just wait, you will think he is poor.
One day Midas saw,
Whilst strolling along, forming the law,
A poor, forlorn Satyr,
To Midas it was more important that a sapphire!
He nurtured and cared for it,
And thus, a reward was fit,
The Gods game him one wish,
To thank him for being so unselfish.
What Midas wanted was a golden touch,
An ability that could give you so much,
Dionysus granted what he asked for,
And Midas would be grateful for evermore.
He ran around touching everything in his path,
His plates, his chairs and even his bath,
He laughed at this great gift,
A laugh so loud, it put the guards off their shift!
Midas thought he deserved a snack,
But when he ate, his teeth went crack,
The grapes he touched transformed to gold,
A mystery, that was easy to unfold.
He decided that sleep would be best,
So he went to lie down and have a rest,
But when his head hit the pillow,
Gold replaced his bed that once was willow.
He wept and wept, not pausing to breathe,
He looked to the heavens and began to plead,
His daughter heard his desperate cries,
And came to see why there were so many tears in his eyes.
When he reached out to touch her hand,
Her skin froze to gold, no longer tanned,
He begged some more,
“Dionysus you must answer, I am desperate to my core!”
“What more do you want from me, fool?
You’ve got a golden touch, a golden palace and a golden pool,”
“Get rid of this curse”
“Now, please! You must reverse!”
“Go to the river and wash your hands,
Then you will no longer be so grand”
Thus, Midas did as he said,
Praying and hoping his daughter was not dead.
He returned to the palace with his hopes high,
She was there and he let out a huge sigh,
Now he is happy in his home,
Sat on top of………………….his golden throne!

King Midas, by Louise

King Midas who enters in a great ox cart
The rogue ruler’s love for feasting will never depart
Such an asinine dealing with the almighty gods
Fast made a day become remarkably odd
In his garden a satyr lay dozing for hours
Drunk on more than the scent of flowers
He who thought Dionysus was so splendid
Was taken to the palace to be tended
With the king’s kind gesture
Dionysus offered to grant a wish to Mida’s pleasure
Midas intently observing his land
Didn’t notice his life so grand
The number of jewels that he did hold
He still sought in his life more gold
So there in that moment Midas was gifted a golden touch
Ecstatic, he ran to all he prized so much
As the palace walls transformed
King Midas' heart was warmed
Stone statues shone
He could carry on for so long
Handling each item until it tool on a lustrous sheen
Adoring his new marvelous theme
The man’s delirious laughter echoed off the walls
Exhausted and hungry after leaping down the halls
The leader picked up the food he lacked
But suddenly his teeth almost cracked
However, after all his efforts to eat he became red
In frustration he flung himself onto his bed
His plush pillow was then rock solid
Then on his head a bruise so horrid
His daughter entered his room
When hearing the King’s cries of gloom
As King Midas touched her precious face
From his golden touch she was frozen into place
Between his sobs
To rid him of his power he begged the gods
Taking pity on the ruler with the foolish plans
Dionysus told Midas that in the River Pactolus to wash his hands
As he did so the gold drained from his fingertips
When he arrived home to see his possessions back to normal, songs of rejoice exited his lips
From that day on he still had greed
He still was feasting indeed
Carrying on his ways over food and wine
Dawn to dusk he did dine.

King Midas by Lisa

King Midas was the worst king ever in the whole entire history of kings. He delighted in making people feel worthless and then beheading the victim. He hated every object for taking up space. But the person he loathed the most was actually his own son!  He resented the fact that his offspring would inherit his throne, and feared Prince William would murder him. So, as a result, King Midas would go out of his way to put leeches on his bed, pour some poison in his wine and silently gloat while the poor boy’s backside erupted into the latrine. In fact, if coffee cups had been invented then, he would have a million of them announcing “Worst king ever!”, “King Midas GO AWAY!!”, and of course “Ugly Midas!” 
One day he walked out to the palace gardens and saw a deer eating his berries. Furious, he stomped over and gave the innocent animal a hard slap to its rump. 
“Guards!” King Midas yelled “Get that animal!” 
Almost at once a mob of swords exploded out of the castle and started to give chase to the startled deer.  
“Round it to the gates!” The captain ordered gruffly “We set some deer traps over there!” 
After a long and weary chase, the deer finally gave up and collapsed exactly in front of Prince William who was running away from his tutor. Now, the young prince was very clever and quietly ushered it behind a bush. Just seconds later, the troop of aggressive men thundered past.  
“It’s okay,” he soothed “I’ll take you to the forest again later.” 
Prince William turned around for a moment to check where the guards were and when he looked back at where the deer was, there was just a blobby blob of light. 
“I am the great god Pan!” the light boomed “You may have a wish for showing kindness to nature!” 
“I wish- “Prince William began. 
“-that whoever or whatever I touch will turn to dirt!” shouted Midas, springing into their hiding place. And because Pan at that moment did not have eyes, he didn’t realize that was Midas and unfortunately granted the wish to the devious king, despite wondering why Prince William’s voice had suddenly gone so squeaky. 
And with great excitement, King Midas sprinted for the first time in his life, and reached towards his heir. 
“AAAAGGHH!” Prince William screamed in response “AAAAGGHH!”  
Ecstatic at the lump of dirt floating away on the breeze, he reached towards the nearest tree. It turned to dirt! Delighted, he ran around the palace grounds, swinging his arms around him.  
“I shall turn everything in the kingdom except me, into dirt!” he vowed fervently “Everything!” 
After a few hours of running around his kingdom, King Midas spread his arms on a small patch of green grass, happy that he had fulfilled his gold. To his dismay, the grass turned to dirt! Thirsty after his exercise, he dipped his hand towards the puddle. Oh no! The water turned to dirt!
Hungry, he extended his hand toward a small, surviving, blackberry bush. Annoyingly, the berries and plant turned to dirt!
King Midas finally realized without anyone, he was worthless as well. Wailing, he begged Pan to take away all his power and what he had done. At once, a revolving light surrounded him.
“Go bathe in the remains of River Pactolus!” Pan instructed.
King Midas did as he was told and everything returned to normal. Weeping, he embraced his son and kissed him on both cheeks. Fortunately, Pan also seemed to have erased their memories of what happened.
After that small scale incident, King Midas became a generous, kind and loving king.  And he always remembered that he was nothing without others.

King Midas Poem   by George

With every single touch
His one wish was granted
Everything within his clutch
Became gold and enchanted
King Midas beamed a smile
As he admired his power
It was marvellous for a while
But the fun soon began to sour
King Midas wanted it to stop
As all around turned to gold
But sadly despite his strop
His wish had taken hold
Dionysos had tried to warn
The dangers of his need
So here a moral to forewarn
And don’t fall foul of greed

Midas’ diary by Levin

Dear Diary,
For some reason, the god Bacchus was grateful I me, though when I heard this, I was confused and puzzled. He then told me that he would grant me any wish that I wanted and I was to tell him by tomorrow. I thought about it long and hard, but finally, I came up with what I wanted. The next day, I nervously asked him for a golden touch.
The following day, when I woke up, I put my robe on. As soon as I touched it, it turned to gold. I was amazed and roamed around my palace, touching everything I could and turning it into gold. I asked my servants for an enormous feast. Feeling very smug, I sat down and took a bite of my apple. My teeth nearly fell out, my apple had turned to gold! I was devastated, thinking to myself will I ever be able to eat again? I started to panic, so I decided to rest. After a minute, my back started aching. I awoke to see my bed had turned gold. I was so shocked that I fainted. After my servants had put gallons of water on me, I finally awoke to see my daughter putting her hand out. I took it but her hand felt cold. I saw my daughter had turned to gold. Gold and my daughter were the only things worth fighting for. I was in hysterics! I pleaded and begged to god Bacchus to take my golden touch away.
He sad to wash it off in the river Paloctes. What happened was a miracle. While I was washing off my golden touch, there was a flicker of gold dust and everything I had turned to gold turned back again. What a nervous cracking day!
King Midas

King Midas and the Golden Touch by Megan

Dionysus! Wildest reveller
Dionysus! Enthusiastic prancer
Dionysus! Having fun and drinking wine.
Dionysus! Flowing black hair and bulging black eyes.
You, who eats cake as big as the sky.
You, who is the son of all sweetened chewy things.
You gave us the parties in our twinkling terrific lives.
Take these gifts of rock and roll, roller-skates, a pink and purple party outfit, disco-dancing shoes and a karaoke machine as loud as an elephant!
Listen to me now:
I hate my life…
I have been a fool…
No more cuddles with Pepper cat!
No more talking to my whole family!
No more chunky KFC fries!
No more “Naughtiest girl in the school” book!
My happiness is in hibernation like a bear.
My hopeful heart has come to an end.
My touch is death and is as cold as the magic moon.
My loneliness is as lonesome as a single flower.
Give me back my life with laughter and happy hugs.
Only you can take this misery away from and life of sorrow.

Inspired by the Beauty Contest by Yasmin
Morning arrives as wisdom unstiffens,
She is responsible enough to put on her mittens
She checks if all of her things are there:
Courage? She’s got it.
Compassion? She’s got it.
An answer? She’s got it.
She needs a resolution - she’s got it.
She needs it – she has it.
Someone lost theirs – she has it
You like her thoughts? You can be her student
Oh wait – She’s too pre-occupied
Time to rest again.

Poem by Liza

“This golden apple should surely be mine.
I’ll make you rich ruler of all of this land.
The fairest is I. Just look how I shine,”
Said splendid Juno and held out her hand.
“Paris, fair youth, choose me and not her!”
So spoke Minerva, wooing him well.
“Great wisdom I’ll give you if you will concur.
You should choose me; it is easy to tell.”
Then mesmerizing Venus spoke of love,
“I promise you the most beautiful wife.”
Paris looked at Venus, goddess of the dove.
The apple went to Venus. An end to strife?
He left the apple and sailed for Troy’s shore.
This choice ignited a destructive war.

The Judgement of Paris by Alex

Scene 1 – At the great hall that is holding Peleus and Thetis’s wedding.
Zeus: Well, isn’t this lovely we’ve not had a wedding in that many months.
Hera: Yes, this is indeed very exciting. There is nothing like a Greek wedding.
Hermes: Have you ever met the nymph?
Zeus: Yes, of course I have. I was the one who decided she should get married.
Hermes: There is still one thing I don’t understand
Zeus: What is it?
Hermes: Well…everyone else is here apart from Eris.
Zeus: Of course she wasn’t invited, she is the goddess of discord. She could cause some serious trouble.
Hermes: It is a little bit unfair on her.
Zeus: It was the right thing to do. We couldn’t risk yet another joyful day being ruined by her.

Scene 2- Still at the great hall
Ares: I’m so sorry guys, I’ve got some business to do. I must leave this superb party early.
Peleus: Ok that is fine. Hopefully see you around.
Thetis: Just head out the door over there. It’ll take you through the gardens
Ares: Ok. Bye!
Ares leaves the great hall to go to the surrounding gardens.
Ares: Well that was lovely. Yet another beautiful Greek wedding.
Eris arrives
Eris: What wedding?
Ares: Oh, Peleus and Thetis’s
Eris: I wasn’t invited. That is horrible of Zeus to leave me out. This is outrageous. I could curse literally everyone in that stupid wedding. This is so unfair!
Ares: Ok, calm down. I thought it was strange that you weren’t there. Why don’t you pay a visit and maybe you could bring a present?
Eris: Ok, that would be nice for the couple, wouldn’t it?

Scene 3- Eris is going to the wedding
Eris: This will be fun.
While walking to find a seat she drops the present.
Eris: Oops! I’ve dropped it.
Her present (the golden apple) rolls into assembled Greek gods.
Hera: Well this is a lovely apple. I shall claim it as my own. Oh! It has “For the fairest” written on it. I obviously know who that is. ME!
Aphrodite: It should be mine for I am the fairest.
Athena: Ha! That is a joke. It is mine. I am the fairest.
Hera: No! It is mine. I claimed it first.
Aphrodite: No! Mine!
Athena: Not any of yours. MINE!
Hera: Mine!
Aphrodite: Mine!
Athena: Mine!
Hera: I know who should decide this, Zeus!
Aphrodite: Fair enough.

Scene 4 – The three goddesses go to see Zeus on Mount Olympus.
Hera: Oh husband, Zeus, please decide who is the fairest. Please decide for us.
Zeus: I can’t. But I know who could. Paris of Troy. He is exceptionally good at making decisions.
Hera: Why him? You’re perfectly good at making decisions.
Athena: Yeah, Why Zeus?
Aphrodite: Why Zeus?
Zeus: Previously he made a decision between his own father’s and Ares’s bulls. Without knowing whose bulls were which, he decided Ares had the better bulls, over his father’s. So you’ll all know that he’ll make a fair decision.
Athena: I suppose that you would’ve been a bit biased towards Hera since she is your wife

Scene 5- Paris and the goddesses meet back in the great hall’s garden.
Paris: Hello girls
The goddesses: Hello Paris
Paris: Well you all look lovely today.
Hera: Thank you.
Athena: Thanks Paris.
Aphrodite: You think they look lovely, really?
Paris: You all look equally lovely.
Hera: How!?
Paris: Because you do
Athena: Don’t (muttering)
Aphrodite: None of them do
Hera: Paris can I have a quick chat
Paris: Thank goodness.
Athena: He is rude
Hera and Paris walk to a different part of the garden.
Hera: I will give you untold wealth and power in return for the apple.
Paris: I’ll consider it
Hera: What is there to consider?
Hera and Paris come back
Athena: Paris, dear, can we speak in private?
Athena and Paris walk off.
Athena: I will give you all known skill and knowledge. In return for…
Paris: You want the apple, don’t you?
Athena nods.
Athena and Paris come back.
Paris: What t is it about this apple?
Aphrodite: May I have a few minutes of your time?
Aphrodite and Paris go away
Paris: Is this a bribe?
Aphrodite: No. This is a gift
Paris: What is it?
Aphrodite: I will give you the hand in marriage of the most beautiful woman on Earth. In return for the apple
Paris’s eyes brighten

Scene 6 – At great hall
Paris: I now know who deserves the golden apple. That is… Aphrodite!
Aphrodite: Woo Hoo! I’m the winner, it’s me and not you two
Paris: Here have this apple.
Aphrodite: Thank you!
Paris: So who am I going to marry? (Whisper)
Aphrodite: Queen Helen (whisper)
Paris: Thanks, but how? She is already married to Menelaus (whisper)
Aphrodite: Leave it to me (whisper) I’ll be off then (normal)
Hera: Me too
Athena: Same here
Paris: Thank goodness that is over. At least I avoided creating any trouble.

A Forbidden Crush by Jayel
Reluctant to indulge
Zeus placed a burden on another
Who’s the fairest of them all
Hera, Athene, Aphrodite, or another
With Hera came power and wealth
Athene offered wisdom and victories
But yet, Aphrodite offered something that just couldn’t lose….
A woman.
Not just any woman, but Helen.
A queen whose beauty could not embody words
Breathtaking beauty that stole Paris’ heart
And because she stole his heart, he stole her
Sailed off into the sunset,
Excited with his prize.
He rewarded Aphrodite a golden apple, which declared
Her the fairest of them all.
Once deemed the winner Aphrodite vanished without a trace
But she forgot to tell Paris that this would surely cost him his life
A word of caution to this tale
Should thou look and steal
A battle, you will not live.

The Golden Apple by Emily

Diary entry by Gabriella

Dear Diary,
Today has been awesome! I’m so glad I chose Aphrodite for the beauty contest. Happily, Aphrodite kept her promise to make Helen, the most beautiful girl in the world, fall in love with me.  At the start of the judgement, I was scared: as if I didn’t choose 2 of the goddesses they’d be angry with me but luckily Athena and Hera haven’t shown that they are yet.
Even though, I am usually very fair, Aphrodite’s bribe helped me in my decision to choose her. At the time of choosing Aphrodite, I sort of regretted it. What if power suited me best? What about wisdom?
When I saw Helen at the dinner table, I froze, she was sooo beautiful. I’m loving my life with her, even though the Greeks who are ready for battle, will be coming for her. I can’t imagine life without my dearest Helen. Talking about her, I’d better go and see her.
Bye diary,