Jonathan, Beechwood Park

M onstrous as a demon, malignant as darkest night, Medusa, vengeful as a striking vulture.

E nveloped by hair, once rippling like a golden river, now a malign, reptilian entanglement.

D eceitful as a writhing, hissing, glistening-eyed snake, she metamorphoses men into cases of eternal stone.

U ndeterred by the peril, Perseus heroically journeys to rid the world of this despicable evil.

S hield as powerful as Athena's protective aegis, the gorgon's stone-creating gaze is deflected. Death.

A thena, righteous in her anger, immortalises the triumph on her golden shield.


Perseus and Medusa

Hamzah, Manchester Grammar School


King Acrisius of Argos' striking blue eyes widened in disbelief and horror as an oracle warned him that his young daughter would bear a son that would kill him. The King's first instinct was to try to argue for his daughter. “My daughter is not married, how can she have a son”, the words tumbled out of his mouth in choked gasps. The oracle only smiled wisely and King Acrisius caught a glimpse of pale pink gums. Saying no more, the king left the Delphi oracle troubled and confused. Upon arriving in his magnificent palace, his daughter, Danae joyfully ran out with her arms spread wide. To her utmost surprise her dad roughly grabbed her arm and dragged her to a strange bronze room at the top of the palace. The room was not much to look at with only a rough bench and some faded cushions. With shaking hands he locked the door, trapping poor Danae inside. The door was only opened to a slave girl who bought a platter of food and a chipped pot of water. Confused at her father's actions, Danae prayed to the gods. Meanwhile, up on Mount Olympus, Zeus looked down and pitied the beautiful maiden. He visited her one night and after a few months Danae gave birth to Perseus, Zeus's child. The slave girl delivered the news Acrisius had been dreading, Danae had given birth to a boy. Fearing Zeus' wrath if he killed them, he sent Danae afloat with baby Perseus in a crammed box.

Chapter 1

I vividly remember the day our box bumped on the sandy shores of Seriphos. I was still a baby then, and my mother was trying to comfort me. Suddenly my mother went tense and I immediately snuggled closer to her and nestled in her dress. The sound of crunching footsteps came nearer and nearer and eventually a voice called out “Well then, what have we hear.” Strong fingers grasped the lid of the box and my mother pressed herself even more towards the wall of it. The hand groped around a bit and pulled the lid up. Danae blinked as the light filled every nook and cranny of the sea worn box. The man Danae looked at was a well built, tall fellow. He had a weather beaten but kind face and his hair was like a mass of string. He wore a green tunic and at his waist were pointed fish hooks. A fishing net was hanging about his shoulders and he stared in surprise. Without a word he helped my mother out of the box and beckoned for us to follow him. He led us to a series of huts. Walking through them he eventually stopped and took out a heavy copper key. Fitting it into the lock, he twisted the key and opened the door. His hut was cosy and was obviously made for a single person to live in. My mother stepped inside, holding me in her arms and sat down on a wooden chair. Finally he spoke “My name is Dyctus, and I am brother to the king. I am a fisherman and you may live with me in my hut”. In the following years he became a father to me and I loved and respected him. During that time I turned into a handsome, strong young man…

Chapter 2

Unfortunately, the tyrannical king, Polydectes came to notice my beautiful mother and summoned her to his court. I regret ever going along with my mother. I did the best I could to protect her from the king and he planned on how to get me out of the way. He called all the young men and women of the town to a feast and unsuspectingly I turned up. Upon arriving however, I found out all the young people had come with expensive gifts. A young man came with a wonderful bird cage of gold and silver and someone else came with some highly prized musk. I had nothing. Sneering, the king addressed me offensively “You dare come here without a gift? Why you probably take me for a simpleton who thinks coppers are everything.” Blushing, I tilted my head towards the ground and mumbled “I am sorry king, I didn't know I had to bring a gift. I will get you anything you want.” The king's angry face broke into a sly smile, like the sun as it cracks the dark of night. “Very well then, fetch me the head of the Gorgon Medusa.” He said, hardly suppressing the excitement that this would be the chance to get me out of the way once and for all. “Very well then, consider it done” I said half-heartedly. The guests were dumbstruck and their mouths opened and closed like silver carp. Then they started tittering and laughing. Grumbling to myself about what a fool I was, I went home, dressed in my sleeveless red tunic, and placed a cloak about my shoulders and packed a bag of provisions. Not knowing what to do, and where to start, I trundled off towards the crossroads. Upon arriving, I desperately scanned the signs to see if any showed the way to the cave of Medusa… nothing. Then, as if from nowhere, a handsome youth and a young woman flashed into view and in a haze of searing light were in front of me. The unmistakable, winged sandals gave the game away, I was in the presence of the gods, in this case Athene and Hermes. I remember that moment when I was passed the winged sandals of the god Hermes himself and he also gave me a scythe of the finest gold and silver. Athene handed me her shield and explained with an intense look in her eye, “Only look at the dreaded face through the shield.” She also told me to seek out the old grey sisters and make them tell me where the nymphs that tended the garden of Hera were. Carrying on, she said they had been entrusted with items that would help me defeat the Gorgon. I was glad of their help and bid my farewells to the people who would save my life…

Chapter 3

So I began my quest and made good progress. I travelled northwards in search of the Old Grey Sisters. I approached wild sea where The Old Grey Sisters' cave was situated and scrambled over the slippery rocks and bits of rotting ship timbers. I saw a glow round some particularly treacherous boulders and I headed in that direction. As I scrambled and slid over the boulders I finally caught a glimpse of The Old Grey Sisters. They were as grey as the stones that surrounded them and were hunched around an oil lamp and also drenched by mist and spray. Waves countlessly battered the caves entrance. The three hags where passing around a spherical object, which I later learnt was an eye. Never had I seen a more revolting sight. Knowing I could use the eyeball to my advantage I put the winged sandals on and swooped towards the cave. The hags were always arguing about the eye in raspy voices, such was their age. Flying low and silently I suddenly plucked the squidgy eyeball from a hags grasp and they immediately began nattering and hissing. Addressing them I said in a fierce voice “I am Perseus and I seek the Daughters of Hespharus, if you don't tell me an answer I will squish your eye into a pulp.” The sisters continued cackling and hissing about their lost eye. Eventually, one reluctant sister spat out the vital information. Tossing the eye back I took to the air and was gone from sight…

Chapter 4

Following their directions I found myself in a lush, blooming garden, bursting with tulips, magnolias and roses. Olive trees and grape vines lined the walls of the garden, I had never seen anything like it. A voice as sweet as honey made me jump. Looking behind me I saw three nymphs, more beautiful than the garden they tended. Their dresses were made of the softest white silk and a plaited garland of flowers lined the crown of their soft blonde hair. Stunned, I spluttered “Athene told me to come to you for items that would help me cut off the head of Medusa.” They disappeared around a bending corner of a path. Minutes later they were back holding two things, one of the items was a black helmet with a red crest which they explained to me would make the wearer invisible. The other item was a leather knapsack. That was to hold the head of Medusa. Wishing me luck and telling me the directions to the dreaded cave I set off…

Chapter 5

Having been physically and mentally supported, my spirits were high. I was going over a land with lush green fields and tumbling rivers. The beautiful sight was soon replaced by craggy mountain peaks and terrifying gorges. Looking down I tried to spot a cave that might house Medusa and her sisters. Seeing some statues I swooped down low. Upon arriving I wandered around the magnificent statues and wondered why every inch was perfect. I also pondered on the thought of such a horrible location, outside a cave. The truth hit me like a thunderbolt fired from my father. I was outside the cave of Medusa. Gripping my scythe and my shield and donning my helmet I wandered tentatively into the cave. The sight made my stomach lurch. Slime oozed out from cracks and stalagmites stuck out from the ground like deadly javelins. Pools of water lined the ditches and the ground was extremely slippery. Suddenly, I started to hear a gentle hissing. I veered off from the main cavern to a narrow tunnel where water came ankle high. Wading through, the sound got louder and louder. It seemed to come from behind the rock. Feeling around with my hands I found a wide crack and scrambled through the rocky entrance. There was a hole in the top of the cavern, light streamed out onto three sleeping figures. I caught a glimpse of Medusa through my shield. Instead of legs she had a serpent's tail. Her head was a light green and a long scar pulled a corner of her lip up. Her hair was an unforgettable sight. Snakes writhed and squirmed, spitting venom through their deadly fangs. Gulping and checking my knapsack was ready for the head, I nervously tiptoed towards Medusa. When I was a few steps away from medusa I lifted my scythe and bought it crashing down on Medusa's neck. Her eyes snapped open as the silver sliced into her. A beautiful winged horse flew out of her blooded neck. Quickly stuffing the head into my knapsack I flew off. The vengeful cries of her sisters and the slithering and hissing made me fly even faster. Bursting out into the light, I dodged the heads of the stone figures and was away…

Chapter 6

On the way to the palace I saw a sight that made me swoop down to check what was going on. Upon arriving, I found a young girl chained to the rock. “Who are you?” I asked. Cupid must have done his bit because I was in love with the maiden at first sight. “My name is Andromeda, my mother boasted I was more beautiful than the sea nymphs and they let loose a terrible monster. Only my death will appease it” she wailed. “There it is, watch out!” she exclaimed. And sure enough the sea waters started to bubble and great waves splashed the rock on which she was held. Suddenly a daunting scaly head poked out of the froth and roared manically. This was shortly followed by a barbarous clawed hand. Thrashing the water with its serrated fin it drew closer and closer. Thinking quickly, I ordered Andromeda to close her eyes. I did the same but pulled out the head of Medusa. The monster's advancement slowed. Three quarters of its body was stone but it still came closer. Just when it was right above us it came to a jarring halt. With a grinding noise it fell into the ocean and cracked. It was only now I noticed that Andromeda's father was watching with a small party from the shore. Using the scythe I cut her bonds and flew with her to the shore. After much rejoicing and celebrating Andromeda and I were wed. Andromeda's father, who was the king, asked me to stay and live with him and his daughter. Saying I would come back again with my mother, I flew back to Seriphos. When I arrived in the grand hall everyone was silent. The king went red and forced a smile. “I see you have come back. Your return has brought me joy.” Saying no more I pulled out the head of Medusa, shut my eyes and held it to the king. His surprised and horrified expression was set in stone for evermore. After a while Dyctus came to the throne and my mother and I departed for Andromeda's dad's kingdom. After my terrifying ordeal with the Gorgon I have learnt much. I always take extra honey to the temple and extra wine. Farewell, and may Zeus be with you for evermore.

Perseus and Medusa, the snake haired gorgon

Sarah, St Catherine’s School, Sydney, Australia


Long, long ago deep beneath the sea lived there lived a petrifying monster. It was larger than any whale, had sharper teeth than any spear and its mouth was the size of the biggest cave on earth. For years, the monster prowled the deep sea near Ancient Greece, feeding on sharks, squid and whales. It was kept firmly under control by Poseidon. But lately the monster had started to eat men. Bursting from the seemingly calm waters it crushed the biggest ships in one snap of its mighty jaws. Men flew from their boats, landing in the icy cold water below. The monster would open its cavernous mouth and devour any man it found.

Villagers who lived near the sea were terrified of the terrible monster, which they had named Cetus (meaning monster of Poseidon). Families and fishermen marched up to the royal palace demanding that the king send his guards to kill Cetus. One day, King Cepheus gazed down at the angry villagers with a troubled frown. He had no idea where to start to save his people and his kingdom. He returned to his throne, deep in thought. Cetus was destroying his kingdom and it was all his wife’s fault. She had boasted that their daughter Andromeda was more beautiful that the mermaids who served Poseidon. This had been a terrible insult to Poseidon and the god was outraged. Poseidon had unleashed his grip on the monster and let it go wild. In desperation, King Cepheus consulted a priest.

Mia, Yateley School

Grier, Chicago Grammar, USA

Grace, Yarlet School

Meera, St Michael's, Hobart, Australia

Sophia, St Michael's, Hobart, Australia

Lilly, Lyceum Prep, Wheeling, USA

Geza, Manchester Grammar School

Thomas, Manchester Grammar School

"There is only one way to pacify the Great God Poseidon, Shaker of the Earth”, the priest whispered.

“I’ll sacrifice a thousand horses, one hundred sheep, Oh, will that be enough to ensure the safety of my kingdom?” King Cepheus pleaded.

“Oh, no, Poseidon does not want that”, the priest answered mysteriously. “He demands only one sacrifice; your daughter”.

“My daughter, but I cannot sacrifice my daughter, not Andromeda”, King Cepheus exclaimed.

“You have a choice”, the priest explained, “You may sacrifice your daughter or continue to bear the wrath of the Earth Shaker, Poseidon”.

When the king told his wife she was grief stricken and Andromeda, his daughter, was petrified. But none of them knew that help was on the way, from a surprising young man.

Chapter I - Perseus

My name is Perseus. I clearly remember hiding from Polydectes’ royal guards who had come to take my mother. Polydectes wanted to marry my mother but she didn’t want to marry the king. When I heard the guards approaching our front door, we cowered behind the back wall. As soon as we had realised that the guards were on the way, mum and I had hurried away, but we hadn’t got very far. The guards started banging on the door and shouting.

“Come out! In the name of King Polydectes come out, we know you’re in there!” echoed a loud voice from the front of the house.
Moments later came a smash as the guards broke down the front door.

“Run when I say”, I whispered to my mother.

I waited until the guards were inside and then whispered, “Now, follow me!”

We ran around the corner of our house only to find more guards standing there. I turned around and pulled my mother back the other way. There were guards everywhere! Had King Polydectes sent his whole army after us? Tugging at my hand to keep up my mother ran beside me. We raced down the street. Behind us the village priest cried out,

“Come here, I’ll hide you!”

I did not hear him and kept running. I ran straight ahead without realising my mistake. I ran straight into a dead end! As the guards closed in around us I leapt out in front of my mother. Desperately trying to shield her from the approaching guards.

“Don’t come any nearer”, I warned the guards, but they kept coming.

“It’s only your mother we want”, they growled menacingly. “Step away and we will spare you!”

“Never!” I bravely replied.

I hurled myself at them, hoping to bowl them over, so my mother could escape but the guards were too quick. A fist crashed against my face and the next thing I knew I was lying on the ground, watching my mother being led away by the guards.

“Wait, Stop!”, I called after them. The guards turned around. “Tell the King I’ll do anything, I’ll even bring him the head of Medusa herself!”

The guards laughed in disbelief. “Ha! We’ll tell him!”, laughed the guards as they dragged my mother away.

“Perseus…”, my mother gasped as she was dragged away.

“I’ll fetch Medusa’s head”, I promised “and I’ll use it to turn King Polydectes and his soldiers to stone!”

Little did I know how much I was promising.

Chapter II - A Kindly Priest

I woke to find myself laying on a bed in a dark, gloomy house. Daylight shone through cracks in the walls, dazzling my eyes.

“Ah good, you’re awake”, said an old, kind voice behind me.

“Huh?” I mumbled, straining my eyes.

The village priest was watching me. I started to sit and but pain shot through my head like an arrow. “Where am I? What happened?” I asked.

“I saw you trying to save your mother from the King’s guards. I heard what you said about Medusa”, the priest explained. “I went out once the guards had gone. You were in no state to fight anything so I brought you in here so you could recover”.

Suddenly I remembered everything that had happened. Another wave of pain crushed my head but I ignored it and kept listening.

“Now”, the priest went on, “there are things you need to know. First, your father…”

“Oh, I don’t know who he is”, I interrupted, “I’ve never met him”.

“I’m not surprised”, the priest chuckled “Your father is Zeus, King of the Gods”.

“What?” I exclaimed. “My father is Zeus?” I repeated. “That means I am half god! I should just march right up to King Polydectes and demand he returns my mother!” I announced triumphantly.

“No, no, no!” the priest spoke softly but firmly. “King Polydectes has a whole army, you would have no chance, even though you are half god!”

I thought for a moment, considering what the priest had said before deciding he was right.

“Remember your promise to your mother”, the priest reminded me. “You must go and kill the gorgon Medusa. I can no longer help you, you must go and complete your destiny yourself, but know this; the Gods will guide you to Medusa but they may not help you fight her. With your own strength and mind you must defeat her. I wish you luck Perseus, may the Gods be with you”. With that the priest left, leaving the doors wide open behind him.

Maya, Yateley School

Dominic, Yateley School

Toby, Manchester Grammar School

Jacob, Manchester Grammar School

Chapter III - The gods send gifts

I lay on the bed, gathering my thoughts. What did I know about Medusa? I knew she was a Gorgon. She had snakes as hair and if you looked at her you would be turned to stone, frozen in terror. Many warriors had gone to fight her and none had ever returned.

I thought back to the priest’s words. “The gods will guide you.” Surely if they were guiding me they would help me now!

I decided I would have to find Medusa myself. I had nowhere to start, no idea where Medusa could be. I got up and left the priest’s house. I wandered aimlessly through the streets, worrying about my poor mother.

“I haven’t the faintest idea where to begin. What am I going to do? I don’t even know where Medusa lives!” I muttered to myself.

“Ahh, only the Grey Sisters can tell you that”, announced a booming voice above my head.

“What!” I exclaimed, startled. I looked up to find a bright skinned man wearing sandals with wings, hovering just above my head. In his hand he held a golden stick. It had wings at the top and two snakes twisted around it. Then I realised that he was Hermes. He was holding his caduceus.

“Great Lord Hermes”, I praised and knelt down in front of him.

“Stand up, stand up”, he laughed. “You are half god, we’re relatives! You needn’t kneel for me!”

The snakes on his caduceus slithered. I let out a silent scream before telling myself to be brave.

“I have been sent to help you on your quest. I hear you aim to slay the Gorgon Medusa.”

“Well, yes”, I agreed.

“The gods have sent you gifts to assist you on your quest. The gods have faith in you, Perseus. Athena has sent her shield, which is polished and is clear as a mirror. Although Medusa’s gaze will turn you to stone, her reflection is completely harmless.”

He passed me a shield as shiny as he had promised.

“Hades sends his helmet of darkness. The wearer shall be completely invisible.” He passed me a helmet with a black plume. I put it on and looked down. My body was completely invisible!

“I Hermes, present you with these”, he announced taking off his winged sandals and handing them to me. I put them on and they adjusted to fit my feet. I kicked off the ground a little and started to fly! I quickly landed and stood back in front of Hermes.

“These gifts will automatically return to the gods when your quest has been accomplished”, Hermes explained. “My shoes will fly you west until you reach the Grey Sisters, only they know where Medusa lives. He handed me one last thing. A small cloth bag. “Even Medusa’s dead head can still turn mortals to stone. Carry the head in here and you will be safe.”

“Lord Hermes, I cannot thank you enough”, I gasped.

“Remember, the gods are with you, Perseus”, and with that he was gone, disappeared into air, air not thin but air thick with fear.

Chapter IV - The Grey Sisters

Without further thought, I set off. Hermes’s winged shoes flew quickly and held my weight well. As I flew the sky became darker and I sensed I was getting close. When I came to a clearing in the dark forest the shoes started to pull me down towards it. I didn’t resist and landed a few daktyloi away from the clearing. I peeked around a tree and almost screamed at what I saw. Three old ladies were huddled around a cauldron. Their faces were grey and sagged. But the worst thing about their faces was their hollow eye sockets. One of them had an eye; another had one tooth in her would-be empty mouth. I guessed they were the Grey Sisters Hermes had talked about.

“Pass me the eye Beryl”, one screeched.

“No, you had it last time”, replied another, who I guessed was Beryl.

“I want it, Beryl and Babs shut up!” screamed a third voice, shriller and higher pitched than the others.

“Beth, Babs, there is someone here, a young hero is watching us!” Beryl announced.

I stepped into the clearing.

“I have been watching you”, I told them.

“What do you want?” sneered Beth.

“I seek the Gorgon Medusa”, I explained “And I believe you know where she is”.

“We can’t tell you that!” they all shouted at once.

“Okay, hand over the eye now Beryl”, Babs snarled again.

“Fine!” Beryl agreed, passing her the eye.

In one quick movement I dived and caught the eye just as Beryl let go of it.

“Hey, give it!”, Babs shrieked.

“I did”, replied Beryl.

“I have your eye”, I announced.

“Give it back”, Beth and Babs cried.

“Not until you tell me where Medusa lives”, I proposed.

“No!” shouted Beryl.

“Yes!” Babs and Beth screeched. “Medusa lives in a cave beneath the Black Mountain. The Cave of the Dragon’s mouth. Fly north for three days and then fly east for a day. You will reach the Black Mountain.”

Satisfied I thanked them.

“Our eye, our eye”, they crooned.

“Oh, your eye”, I replied. I tossed the eye over my shoulder where it landed with a plop in the lake behind me. “Have fun swimming!”, I laughed and took off.

“You’ll die warrior; everyone dies in Medusa’s cave”, the witches shrieked as I flew off.

That didn’t exactly boost my confidence.

Chapter V - The Cave of the Dragon’s mouth

After flying for four days I was tired but I couldn’t afford to stop now. As I approached I could tell it was the right place. There was an enormous black mountain rising through the mist, piercing the clouds like a needle. As I flew nearer I looked down. At the base of the mountain a rock jutted out. I flew nearer and landed close to the rock. Underneath I saw it was exactly like a dragon’s mouth. Jagged stalactites hung down from the ceiling and stalagmites grew up, rising from the ground.

I summoned enough courage to go inside. I slipped Hades’ helmet and immediately I was hidden from view of anyone. I unsheathed my sword and held up Athena’s shield.

I stepped inside, my every footstep echoing eerily through the cave. I snuck past frozen warriors, looks of terror on their faces.
I heard a hissing from the back of the cave I went to turn but then reminded myself to look in the shield. I saw an ugly face with writhing snakes for hair staring at the shield.

“You have come a long way, hero. You wish to fight me. Hisssss”, Medusa hissed, the snakes on her head spitting venom as she came closer.

I had heard plenty about her but nothing prepared me for how monstrous she was. Green snakes slithered on her head. Blood red claws were dripping on her hands. She had a long, skinny, worm-like body and she half-walked, half-slithered towards me.

I swung my sword. It missed narrowly. I swung again, and this time I met my target. I cut a deep wound in Medusa’s thigh. She screamed in pain just as I took another swing. This time, I paused and readied my hand before I swung. I sliced her neck perfectly and her head snapped off as her body fell to the ground. The snakes gave a final hiss before falling to the ground and the cave was silent.

Using the mirror as a guide I carefully picked up her head and put it in the bag.

I walked outside and kicked off the ground, the sandals taking flight.

Chapter VI - Andromeda

I flew across the forest, then over the desert. As I flew over the desert a few drops of Medusa’s blood dripped from the bag and that is why snakes in the desert became venomous.

I flew quicker, anxious to get home. But on the second day I was hit by a strong gale and was dragged by the wind for a while. I was well on my way when I noticed a crowd standing on a ledge staring out at the sea. What on earth was going on? Then I looked down and saw a beautiful young woman at the bottom of the cliff, chained to it. High above the girl the crowd looked heartbroken. But I couldn’t stop looking at the girl. She stared solemnly ahead, as if something terrible was about to happen to her. I didn’t know it then, but it was the day of Andromeda’s sacrifice.

As I watched, a dark shape rose from the thrashing waves.

“Cetus!”, the crowd screamed in terror. The monster’s sharp fangs glinted as it swam forward. It was hungry! I didn’t know who she was but I knew I could rescue the girl.

I reached inside the bag and pulled out Medusa’s head. I unsheathed my sword.

I ran at the edge of the cliff… and jumped. I fell, landing hard on the monster’s back. I gripped the monster’s hard, scaly skin and plunged my sword into its flesh. It rolled, trying to shake me off but I held on waiting for the right moment. I jumped of the monster’s back and landed in the icy water. I swam towards the rocks and with the last of my strength I grabbed the rocks and pulled myself up.

“Close your eyes!”, I yelled to the girl as I held up Medusa’s head to the monster.

It froze, suddenly just a huge stone monster with razor sharp teeth. The waves crashed against it and it didn’t move.

The girl cried out and I wrapped my arms around her, stuffing Medusa’s head back in the bag.

“Y-Y-You saved my life and I don’t even know your name”, she gasped, shivering.

“I am Perseus”, I announced “I, Perseus, saved you from Cetus!”

“Thank you Perseus, I am Princess Andromeda. My father, King Cepheus is up on the cliff, I know he will want to thank you as well”.
King Cepheus wanted me to stay and celebrate but I replied that I had some unfinished business to attend to.

“I’ll be waiting”, Princess Andromeda promised me.

Chapter VII - King Polydectes No Longer

When I arrived at the palace back at home, I marched straight into the throne room. The King was very surprised to see me, especially when I announced:

“I have brought the head of Medusa. All who believe me, shut your eyes!”

“This is nonsense!” the King protested. But he was cut off as I raised Medusa’s head. I heard a crack and then there was silence. King Polydectes had been turned to stone!

I freed my mother and we rushed back to King Cepheus and Princess Andromeda.

I married Princess Andromeda and we lived happily, reigning over the land.