Photos from our second British Museum Day was on the last Saturday of April, organised by Pam Macklin (left). Over 300 primary school children gathered to learn more about Minimus!
Barbara reclining between sessions; 'Minimites' following a trail around the new Roman Galleries, looking at inscriptions, artefacts and the Vindolanda Tablets
'Minimites' with Roman jewellery; Helen drawing Minimus for autograph collectors; the Doctor and Patient mice from Helen's 'Minimus and ICT' sessions
Children came from schools and Minimus groups all around Southern England, with parents , teachers or 'Latin Grannies'.
Nick Bell (Minimus Et Cetera) was kept very busy by eager customers; Kate Bell with a group studing inscriptions; Jeremy Paterson with more Minimites
Barbara with her own school party, and with a young enthusiast; Minimite studying one of the silver hoards
Children looking at Roman bronzes; Oliver Makower's party; investigating Roman glass
More tomb inscriptions; Roman Britain maps and mosaics; Helen with vespa puppet used in her presentation
Minimus and ICT session (Pandora video); another group with Jeremy; studying the Roman jewellery cases.
Legio Secunda's presentations on Medicine and the Roman Army; more Doctor, Patient and Nurse puppeteers from the ICT session
Three more school groups finding out about Roman Britain upstairs in the Museum